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Meet Alison

Alison Gingras, National Board Certified Reflexologist

Alison is a native of Jay, Maine.  Growing up spending time in nature instilled a deep appreciation and respect for the land and the plants and animals living on it.  Her interest in preventive and natural health began at a young age.  She learned the principles of organic gardening from her parents and as a child, studied early articles in Rodale's Organic Gardening magazines.  Alison has an Associate's degree in Medical Laboratory Science and a Bachelor's degree in Biology from the University of Maine at Augusta.  Her first job after college was working as a Chiropractic Assistant for Spaulding Southiere Chiropractic in Augusta, Maine.  There, she learned the integral role that the nervous system plays in one's health and well-being. 

Alison left that first job and began a rewarding yet demanding career as a forensic scientist.  The need for work/life balance led her to a talk by foot reflexologist, Myra Achorn of Augusta.  Myra explained how reflexology helps improve circulation and relaxes the body by affecting the autonomic nervous system, helping to relieve chronic stress.  She was hooked! 


In 1996, Alison trained with one of Maine's reflexology pioneers, Janet Stetser, and in 2000, she became nationally certified through the American Reflexology Certification Board.  


"The body is like a puzzle and finding the right piece can allow the rest to gently fall into place."  


Alison's long career as a scientist has trained her to ask questions and to make careful observations.  She brings these same skills to her work as a reflexologist.  Over the years, she has studied different approaches to reflexology with numerous teachers.  Some of these include: Father Josef Eugster - The Rwo Shur Health Method, Geraldine Villeneuve - Structural Reflexology, Sally Kay - Reflexology Lymph Drainage, and Lynn Booth - Vertical Reflexology.

"Helping others feel their very best is what motivates me to do this work."  

Alison Gingras is a National Board Certified Reflexologist (ARCB) with over 27 years of experience.  She is a past-president of the Maine Council of Reflexologists (2019 - 2023) and the Reflexology Association of America (2010 - 2013), and a past Board member of the National Council for Reflexology Educators (2016 - 2020).  Alison is currently taking her lifelong interest in the healing properties of plants to a higher level by studying with herbalist Gail Faith Edwards of Athens, Maine.  Alison combines the therapeutic benefits of Foot and Hand Reflexology with the healing properties of plants, in the form of mild herbal teas, encouraging the body to come into balance naturally.

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