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Foot Care for You

Foot pain negatively impacts our quality of life. It's hard to be active and do the things we want to do when our feet hurt! Knowing how to prevent common foot problems and what to do if they occur is important for foot and overall health. I highly recommend a book by Reflexologist, Massage Therapist, and Skin and Body Care Expert, Stephanie Tourles. Her latest book, FOOT CARE handbook – Natural Therapies and Remedies for Healthy, Pain-Free Feet, is well researched and chock full of good advice on how to achieve and maintain optimal foot health.

According to the website, up to 87% of people will suffer from foot pain at some time in their life. Prevention is key, but knowing what to do when foot pain strikes is important too. Stephanie's book includes a chapter on Foot Fitness, with stretching and strengthening exercises that may be particularly helpful for people experiencing some types of foot pain. In addition, a chapter on Common Foot Problems, including plantar fasciitis, cold feet, calluses, and more, offers specific instructions to help prevent the conditions and interventions to relieve them if they do occur.

Something that sets this book apart and makes it one of my favorites is that sprinkled throughout are simple recipes for creating your own at home herbal foot care products. The recipes are easy to follow and contain simple ingredients. In fact, you probably have many of the ingredients in your pantry right now. You won't find chemicals that you can't pronounce in these recipes, I promise!

I encourage you to visit Stephanie's website and check out her book. Your feet are your connection to the world. Take care of them and they will take care of you!


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