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Reflexology and My Family

For years, my Reflexology practice has been centered around my family and friends. It's been my privilege to help people that I love to feel their very best. On occasion, I've been able to use Reflexology to assist in various health challenges that have cropped up.

One of those times was also a time of great joy in my life because I was supporting my daughter in the weeks before and after she gave birth to my grandson. That precious month of shiny moments is etched deeply in both of our memories.

In Ali's words, "A few years back, during my third trimester, I was experiencing severe swelling and edema in both feet. My mother traveled across the country to stay with me for four weeks, where she worked almost daily to relieve discomfort and reduce the swelling."

The edema was being monitored by Ali's doctor, but with weeks to go before her due date, she was not getting any relief. Reflexology helped bridge that gap. After each foot session, her feet and legs would return to nearly their normal size.

By using techniques I learned in Sally Kay's Reflexology Lymph Drainage class, we were able to work together to improve circulation and reduce stagnation in her lymphatic system. Ali gave birth to a healthy, 10lb 6oz baby boy!

Ali is a true believer in the benefits of Reflexology. "As her daughter, I’ve had the pleasure of numerous reflexology sessions with Alison over the years. From a very early age, she has helped me through chronic digestive issues and eliminated tension and soreness due to everyday stress. I’ve always found her touch to be firm, but gentle. She responds to your body and adjusts accordingly. Her careful application of pressure on specific reflex points not only eases the tension in your muscles, but also stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities.

After each session, I’ve noticed significant improvements when needed, alongside a profound sense of calm. I wholeheartedly recommend this relaxing reflexology service to anyone seeking a therapeutic and soothing experience."


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